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      Touchscreen control panels for railway industries (Metro, Locomotive, etc.)

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      Multifunctional touchscreen HMIs for idustrial machines

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      The new generation of motorcycle ECU compatible with almost every brand on the market

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      Adjustable and reliable drives to adjust the power of electrical motors

    • PLX1000
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Variable Frequency Drive
Drive PLX 1000

Reliable VFD for the elevator lift motors

What is VFD?

Variable frequency driver is one of the most widely used equipment in various industries to control the speed of three-phase electric motors. This type of drive can have precise control over the torque of electric motors by using the Sensor-less FOC method.

Optimal Control

Adjust and select the power value according to your need using the simple control panel on the device.


Highly reliable

The hardware that has been used on this device is designed to work with very high capacity and be reliable on most industrial electronic motors.

circuit board



Long Lasting

In the production of this inverter device, the highest-quality electronic components have been used to increase the useful life of the device and, of course, users can install it with no maintenance needed.

EMC Standard

The EMC standards define the frequency range and limit of unnecessary radiation to prevent telecommunication and broadcasting devices (such as those that use an assigned frequency range for radio communication) and electrical/electronics devices from being interrupted, causing interference, or other similar problem


Many of the hardware and software used in H1210M is customizable and can be changed according to customer needs.
Dimensions 313 x 239.5 x 73.8 mm
Weight 3150 g
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