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      Touchscreen control panels for railway industries (Metro, Locomotive, etc.)

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      Multifunctional touchscreen HMIs for idustrial machines

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      The new generation of motorcycle ECU compatible with almost every brand on the market

    • MECU200A
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      Adjustable and reliable drives to adjust the power of electrical motors

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Advance Motorcycle ECU

Compatible with Almost every motorcycle brand in the world

MECU-200A module is a new ECU / EFI Control Unit with various capabilities for use in modern motorcycles. 

Advance Algorithms

one of the main tasks of which is to control combustion in the engine by using new algorithms to increase power and reduce fuel consumption and pollution by far.

The engine control unit manages requirements concerning the engine operation such as rider’s demand or exhaust-system demands based on the mixture composition.

Torque is used as the key criterion for implementing all requirements. The air-fuel ratio is adjusted in order to provide the torque as efficiently as possible.

The engine control unit allows assistance systems such as motorcycle stability control to intervene with the engine torque. It is also able to manage upcoming features such as onboard diagnosis, start/stop, functional safety, and knock control.

mecu diagram
Diagram of of ECU

Powerful Hardware

All the parts used in this ECU have been considering the permanent working conditions and the ability to work with all kinds of modern motorcycles in the world. For this reason, the best available electronic components have been used to produce MECU200A.

AEC-Q Standards

The AEC Component Technical Committee is the standardization body for establishing standards for reliable, high quality electronic components. Components meeting these specifications are suitable for use in the harsh automotive environment without additional component-level qualification testing. The technical documents developed by the AEC Component Technical Committee are available at the AEC web site


The AEC Component Technical Committee is the standardization body for establishing standards for reliable, high-quality electronic components

Electromagnetic (EM) environment does not emit levels of EM energy

EMC Compatible Design


EMC ensures the correct operation, in the same electromagnetic environment, of different equipment items which use or respond to electromagnetic phenomena, and the avoidance of any interference effects. Another way of saying this is that EMC is the control of EMI so that unwanted effects are prevented.

Besides understanding the phenomena in themselves, EMC also addresses the countermeasures, such as control regimes, design, and measurement, which should be taken in order to prevent emissions from causing any adverse effect.


Power usage
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