PMP Electronic

    • Railway

      Touchscreen control panels for railway industries (Metro, Locomotive, etc.)

    • H1210L-Side
    • Industrial

      Multifunctional touchscreen HMIs for idustrial machines

    • H1210M
    • H1210L
    • MECU200A
    • Motorcycle ECU

      The new generation of motorcycle ECU compatible with almost every brand on the market

    • MECU200A
    • Drive PLX 1000
    • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

      Adjustable and reliable drives to adjust the power of electrical motors

    • PLX1000
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Learn how to do it logical way before the project begins

Do you have a new idea or do you want to start a new project? We can help you make important decisions, guide you to find the best way to execute, and also give you helpful consulting advice

Execute your Ideas Fast, Cost-efficient, and Secure


The most important part of executing a new project is anticipating the cost of the project and also finding out how much time does it take to reach a beneficence target.

Our experienced staff will give you a full detailed report on all the things that you need to know before starting the project, just like a blueprint map that shows you 0 to 100% of the project process and everything will be clear all the way.


Using our experience in executing a variety of projects in recent years we have tested and found new ways to anticipate the outcome of many situations in a production project.

Our team of engineers is experienced in many industries and they always find new ways to reduce unnecessary costs and prevent time waste, suggesting much faster and cost-efficient methods.


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