• Railway

      Touchscreen control panels for railway industries (Metro, Locomotive, etc.)

    • H1210L-Side
    • Industrial

      Multifunctional touchscreen HMIs for idustrial machines

    • H1210M
    • H1210L
    • MECU200A
    • Motorcycle ECU

      The new generation of motorcycle ECU compatible with almost every brand on the market

    • MECU200A
    • Drive PLX 1000
    • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

      Adjustable and reliable drives to adjust the power of electrical motors

    • PLX1000
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Latest Industrial PC Panels Learn More H1210L Durable and high quality production Learn More H1210M Motorcycle-Slider Advance motorcycle ECU tech Learn More MECU-200A PMP-LX1000 Variable frequency drive (VFD) Learn More PLX1000

Industrial HMI Device

Upgrade your system

Industrial HMI Device

Secure your system

Motorcycle ECU

Inteligent ECU Technology

Variable Frequency Drive

Save More Energy

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Upgrade your Railway systems with latest Smart HMI Devices

Use advanced motorcycle ECU to increase efficiency

Most advanced VFD's to achieve the best results possible


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